Obesity is a major challenge for people all over the world. Men, women, and children are seen battling with weight problems and it affects their health in a negative way. Weight loss can be achieved by eating the right foods and doing exercises. Our diet plays an important role in our weight. It is possible to reduce the weight by eating low calorie and low-fat foods. Apart from foods, some drinks or beverages also help in a quick weight loss. You can fight the problem of obesity by taking drinks that help in digesting the food you eat and improving the metabolism. We will suggest some effective weight loss drinksĀ to beat obesity. Following are the 10 drinks that help you in weight loss.

Lemon Water

Lemon water is one of the best drinks for weight loss. Squeezing lemon into the water gives flavor to it. Lemon water is a healthy alternative to high-calorie drinks and soda drinks that increase the weight. It also helps you in getting nutrients like vitamin C in a natural way.

Mint Tea

Taking a mint or peppermint tea helps in losing weight. Make the tea by boiling water with mint leaves. Strain and drink the tea for weight loss.

Pineapple Drink

A drink made with pineapple and cinnamon powder helps in losing weight and boosting metabolism. To make the drink, you need to blend the chopped pieces of pineapple in a blender or juicer or food processor. Add cinnamon powder, lemon juice, and black salt. Consume the drink after stirring it well.

Vegetable Juice

Taking vegetable juice just before eating food helps in consuming fewer calories in the meal. Thus, vegetable juice can reduce your total calorie intake and play an important role in weight loss. Make the juice by blending veggies with water in a blender or juicer and drink it at the mealtime.

Coconut Water

You can lose weight by drinking coconut water. It has very less amount of calories. Thus, it is an ideal weight loss drink. You can take coconut water instead of sugary drinks and soda. Drink coconut water that does not contain any sugar.

Green Vanilla Smoothie

The green vanilla smoothie is a very good drink for getting a lean body. Make the smoothie by blending spinach leaves, coconut water, and banana with some other ingredients like almond butter, vanilla extract, protein powder, and ice. Blend all the ingredients in a blender and drink the smoothie.

Ginger Drink

Make a gut cleanser drink with ginger. For this, blend ginger with water in a blender or juicer. Add lemon juice and very little amount of cumin powder to it. Stir and take the drink.

Yogurt Smoothies

Smoothies that are made with yogurt help in a quick weight loss. It reduces the appetite thus helping in eating less amount of food. Yogurt is a healthy dairy food that targets the belly fat and reduces the fat deposits in the stomach area. It contains calcium, which burns the body fat.

White Tea

White tea is one of the best weight loss drinksĀ for people who are facing weight problems and obesity. It contains a high content of antioxidants. The tea targets the fat cells in our body and it helps in breaking these cells thus helping in weight loss. It improves the metabolism and kills the fat inside the fat cells.

Green Tea

Make a slimming tea by using green tea. Boil water with mint leaves for five minutes. Put green tea in the water for five minutes. Take out the tea, strain it and consume it.