Aging comes with a lot of health troubles and if not taken care of, they can plague your later years with a number of other disorders and irregular patterns. Some such issues of concern are insomnia, sleep apnea, rapid eye movement, and other irregular sleeping impressions. If you’ve been fretting over the same, then this guide is just the accurate goldmine on ‘How To Stay Asleep In Your Old Age’. And trust me when I say this, not every cure rests in medicines. Having said that, if you’ve been struggling to get some peaceful deep sleep, then the following tips will surely extend a helping hand.

Why Sleeping Disorders Are So Frequent In Elders?

Aging changes a lot of things about body traits – metabolism reduces, fatigue takes over, emotional and psychological troubles kick in, and depression, loneliness, and stress take a permanent seat. All these physical and mental changes can deflate a healthy sleep pattern. Thus, you should be aware of some wonderful tips that’ll help you learn some facts on how to stay asleep during the night.

5 Significant Natural Remedies That Will Help You Sleep Better

The first thing that you must know about a healthy sleeping pattern is that not every individual is a heavy sleeper. Some are light sleepers too. Though, every individual requires 7-9 hours of sleep during the night to stay rested and remain energetic during the daytime, deep sleep of 3-4 hours in between the 7-9 hours of overall sleeping hours is sufficient during old age.

The following tips and remedies will help you in improving the quality of deep sleep at night and curing insomnia and stress-related sleeping disorders.

  1. Practice Relaxation Techniques Like Music To Calm Your Mind

Doctor Michael Breus, an upwave sleep expert and the renowned author of the bestselling novel, ‘The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan’, suggest that listening to classical music at low volume for 30-45 minutes right before bedtime reduces stress-related sleep disbalance and helps people suffering from insomnia. A lot of studies and researches indicate that soft music slows down the heart rate and mental anxiety that, in turn, helps older people in getting some good few hours of deep sleep.

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  1. Use Calming Essential Oils To Reduce Anxiety

It’s quite normal to suffer from anxiety and depression as you age, but none of these are to be overlooked. Besides, it is possible to mitigate the symptoms of anxiety that does include insomnia. And, a good essential oil massage at night serves the purpose.

Essential Oils To Reduce Anxiety

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What Do You Need To Do?

  • Take a few drops of an aromatic essential oil – lemongrass oil or Rosemary oil since these are mind-calming agents
  • You can also mix different essential oils for an enhanced aromatic experience
  • Simply massage the oil on your scalp and body, and leave it overnight

The antioxidants in these oils will calm down the inflamed nerve cells. Reduction in anxiety will certainly help you sleep better.

  1. Exercise Regularly To Keep The Blood Flowing

First things first – exercising improves the body’s metabolism. It helps in better digestion and reduces gastric disorders too. And gastric disorder is one of the leading torchbearers of disturbed sleep during old age. Whilst I do not mean cross the boundations of your body, but there’s no harm in practicing yoga and meditation for a better night sleep during old age.

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Several yogic postures like Savasana, Ujjayi Breath, and Supta Baddha Konasana are medically recommended practices to improve conditions like sleep apnea and insomnia. This fact has further been validated by researchers at the Harvard Medical School. A recent study indicates that older people suffering from primary as well as secondary insomnia can largely benefit from yogic postures. Performing sleep inducing yoga postures – after 60 years of age – have been found to improve the quality as well as the quantity of deep sleep at night.

However, consult your doctor before performing any such postures and perform them under the supervision of experts only.

  1. Eat Healthy To Sleep Better And Longer

If you’re over 60 years of age and have been exploring easy ways on how to stay asleep for long at night, then a change in the lifestyle might just be the ultimate key to a peaceful night sleep that you’ve been missing out on. Some effective diet tips to help elderly people sleep better include the following.

  • Unlike what’s suggested for the younger generation to take light meals for dinner, elders should actually ensure that they have a full stomach before falling asleep at night. However, remember to not take spicy food for dinner and always take a light walk before lying down
  • The best foods to munch on at night include yogurt, milk, cereals, and cheese. Do not eat heavy grains like white rice and white sauce pasta
  • Yet another tip to get undisturbed sleep at night is not drinking more water after 6 pm
  1. Follow A Healthy Night-time Routine

You cannot have the same active night-time routine that you had when you were younger, especially once you cross the 60-year mark. Instead, focus on getting lazy just before bedtime. Some of the best practices to do so include;


  • A warm bubble bath to relax muscles and calm the mind
  • Blackout curtains to cut out all sources of light for undisturbed sleep
  • A regulated temperature that’s just optimum – neither too high, not low
  • A light read at night about the best practices to sleep better at old age

On a closing note, life doesn’t have to take away the miniscule leisures as it passes by. Growing old shouldn’t feel like a burden. As long as you sleep peacefully, you’ll wake up fresh to step into another graceful day as a wise person. So, no matter what you’re suffering from, do not feel defeated. Follow different practices, like the ones listed above – to increase the quality of deep sleep hours. Also, do not forget to leave your comments if you liked my guide on How To Stay Asleep for long at night.