Our bones are our body’s foundation. But as we age, they can become weak and prone to breaking. There are numerous ways to keep bones healthy, like taking in the right nutrients, eating a balanced diet and avoiding injury.

If bone health is important to you, then I’m sure you’re looking for natural ways to safeguard your bones. You’ve come to the right place! If you’re wondering how to build strong bones, here’s a list of 7 exercises for stronger bones which, by the way, can be performed at any age.

  • Yoga and tai chi

If you don’t consider yourself physically active, a great way to keep bones healthy is by starting with yoga or Tai chi. Yoga can also help bones in the wrists and hips – all vulnerable bones to fractures.  Positions like warrior one, two, downward dog, and cobra are all natural ways to make your bones strong.

Yoga and Tai Chi

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  • Bicep curls

If you’re ready to take on some weight as ways to keep bones healthy, bicep curls are sure to deliver. Because the bones in our arms can also get quite fragile, exercises for stronger bones should also incorporate the upper body as well.

Bicep Curls

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At first you can start with three sets of five repetitions and work your way up to more weight and repetitions as you become stronger.

  • Walking

A step up from tai chi and yoga is walking – specifically at a brisk pace. If you want to start on a walking plan, simply begin with three minutes twice daily.


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  • Improve balance

It may not seem like an exercise, but improving balance is part of the natural ways to make your bones strong. Improving balance can strengthen your muscles, which will in turn protect your bones and prevent falls, which can lead to bone fractures.

Improving your balance is as easy as standing on one foot at a time


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  • Dancing

Dancing combines weight bearing along with aerobic exercises to give you the ultimate natural way to make your bones strong. The weight-bearing aspect helps in improving bone density. The aerobic side works to improve your cardiovascular health, ensuring your heart and lungs are working just as efficiently.


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  • Romanian dead lift

Don’t let the name scare you; Romanian dead lifts are great exercises for stronger bones. They target your legs, back and arms, all crucial bones to prevent fractures. This exercise requires a heavier weight than what you would use for the bicep curls.


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Grasp a weight in each hand and keep feet hip-width apart with a slight bend in the knees. Bend forward from the waist, keeping your back straight and stomach contracted (pretend you’re pulling your belly button into your spine). While bending, ensure you are squeezing your gluts and your arms are straight, then return back up. Eight to 10 repetitions are ideal at first.

  • Stretching

Stretching can improve flexibility, prevent injuries and is essential to bone health. Stretching is best performed to warmed-up muscles – after you’ve completed an exercise. Stretching should be done slowly, and holding of each stretch should last at least 20 seconds for maximum results.


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So if you were wondering how to build strong bones, these 7 exercises for stronger bones are effective and easy to perform. So why not start today and have strong bones for the rest of your life!