“How to increase girth” is one of the most talked-about topics on the web, and that you can easily get an idea about when you search for the queries on Google such as “How to increase Penile girth”, “How to make penis bigger”, and so on. You will get tons of articles, videos, and forums sharing lots of information about it. Not everything you read online is correct so it is always a good idea to do thorough research before using any techniques about which you read online, especially when there is physical health is concerned.

First of all, let’s first get to know what actually the “Girth” means?

This is important to know because most of the people are confused between the Girth and the Length of the Penis. Penile Girth doesn’t mean the length of the penis but it does mean that “Circumference of the Penis”. To be more specific, girth means the penis circumference at its widest section.

circumference of penis

Since we are going to discuss about increasing the girth that means increasing the circumference of the penis or in other words, we can say increasing thickness of it, it is good to first get to know why there is the need of increasing the girth?

Why would someone want to know How to Increase Girth of the Penis?

This is interesting and a valid question because when there are huge numbers of people are searching for it, then there must be some reasons which made them look for the options.

One of the biggest reasons is not just SEX but self-confidence. Yes, penis size and girth are very well connected to your confidence level because the world we live in, there is a lot of myths floating over the web, and also people keep on talking such as only a bigger penis can satisfy a woman, and can give orgasm to them. And, when you hear these things, you start worrying more about your penis size and girth if it is either a bit small or of medium size. You start thinking to get embarrassed in front of your partner because of this, and that is where you start losing your confidence level. When you have low confidence levels, you cannot perform well anywhere in your life whether its your bedroom or your professional life.

According to a post on HuffPost, size really doesn’t matter much but on another side, some women say that the size does matter. The number of women who says that the size does matter is really low in number so we can easily conclude that size doesn’t matter much and even if you have a medium-sized penis, you can satisfy your partner.

However, there are mixed reactions from women about the Penis, check out what different ladies have to say about it.

Above all these, having a bigger and thicker penis boosts your confidence level to a great extent. But, remember, just having a huge one, doesn’t guarantee the great sex encounters. However, that helps your developing confidence level, and if you know the art of having sex, you can have a great sex life too.

Mind it that it is not always about the length, girth plays an important role as well. To be honest, a thicker penis can give a bit more pleasure to women because, due to thickness, there is better friction between the penis and the walls of the vagina when you are thrusting. This is very pleasurable for both males and females.

Human Penis Sizes

Since, there are a great numbers of people still look for increasing their penile girth, let’s check out some of the tips that could help.

How to Increase Girth of your Penis?

There are some ways that may help increase the girth of your penis and they are listed below:

  1. Stretching

Stretching is always great for your body but in the case of the penis, it can do wonders. Not just in the length but it also works well to increase the girth. Don’t try to overdo it because you may feel pain. Do it repeatedly for 5-8 times on a stretch of 5 minutes.

Hold the base of your penis with one hand, and use your other hand to hold it behind the glance and stretch it up in the opposite direction for 8-10 seconds. Then release. Now, repeat the process but stretch in different directions such as up, down, right and left.

Do this work out daily for 5 minutes, and this will be helpful.

  1. Squeezing

Squeezing has been a proven technique to increase the girth of the penis. But, again, don’t overdo it.

Before starting this exercise, arouse your penis to be erect, then with the help of your index finger and thumb make “O” around the penis base, and hold it a bit tighter. Now, with your other hand to squeeze the penis from all sides, and do it till you reach the glans. Don’t do it on glans, as long as you reach the glans, stop squeezing. It is like squeezing from bottom to top with slow movement till you reach the glans.

When you put pressure on the penis, the tissues inside gets stretched, and that would help a bit in increasing the girth. Do it daily for 5 minutes.

Another variation of Squeezing is Jelqing in which the process is almost the same with a little difference such as the penis should be half-erect while doing this workout. Then hold the penis with making “O” grip using your index finger and Thumb. Now use your other hand to move it up till you reach the glance. Repeat this process multiple times for 5 minutes.

  1. Edging

Edging is an interesting and enjoyable work out as in this, you have to start masturbating but you must hold it before you ejaculate. Yes, you must not ejaculate, just stop just before you reach the climax.

How does it work?

When you start moving your hand up and down on your penis, it gradually gets erect due to heavy blood flow but, you need to hold the ejaculation. Now, wait for some time, and do the same again. Do it multiple times. But, don’t ejaculate. This increases a heavy flow in the penis, and it makes the penis bigger both in length and girth. The more blood flows in it, the bigger and thicker it gets.

These tips are very helpful and safe as well because you are not eating any pills or something. These are just exercises, and it takes a considerable amount of time to see the results.

Apart from these, there are different options as well such as Pills and Surgery.

Pills or Surgery! What you should go for?

Many studies say that pills either don’t work well or they have very high levels of side effects. Moreover, Surgery can be great to increase the girth as the implants or the fats from your own body can be used. But, there is a high risk of sexual deformities or other complication of the surgery


Having a bigger and thicker penis is the dream of every man, to be honest. If you have a great one, you are more confident in all spheres of your life but having a bigger one is always great for sex is a myth. However, if you have a bigger one, that is great, and that is why we have shared the tips that would help you learn more as how to increase girth.

We suggest using natural ways to increase girth. Avoid pills and surgeries. If the situation is too worse, and you anyhow want to increase, then you can go ahead with the pills or surgeries but remember to discuss in detail with your doctor.