Most individuals spend a good amount of time in front of digital devices like laptops, gaming console, tablets, televisions and smartphones without wearing protective glasses. Unfortunately, most of them are not aware about the harmful effects these digital devices have on their eyes.

How Do Digital Devices affect your eyes?

The common complaints such as eye fatigue are quite common among the device users, but these symptoms are not just caused by the screen itself.  Digital screens are known to expose you eyes to blue light. Though the blue light exposure you get from screens is quite small as compared to the amount of exposure from the sun, yet, there is a huge concern over the long-term effects of screen exposure due to the duration of time spent looking at them and the close proximity. Factors like bad lighting, fatigue and dry eyes can cause eyestrain.

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Those who are aware may not know that there are easy ways to protect their eyes. If you want to protect your eyes, below are some easy tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine without throwing away your digital devices.

1.   Exercise your eyes.

When you keep your eyes glued to a digital device without flexing them or blinking, they will get used to that proximity. Hence, you will have problem to focus on anything closer or farther to the device. You should try to move your eyes around more often by flexing them every 20 minutes.

2.   Expose your eyes to the daylight.

Go out for a nature walk after you have spent some time in front of a screen. Daylight will help to adjust your natural circadian rhythms and reconnect your eyes with nature, thus improving your mood and sleep.

3.   Maintain a distance from the screen.

It is recommended to maintain at least an arm’s length away from your digital screen.

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4.   Adjust your screen lighting.

Your screen lights should be adjusted with respect to your environment. If you are in a brightly lit room, you will need to increase your screen’s brightness setting. If you are working in a dim room, you will need to decrease your screen’s light settings.

5.   Use anti-glare glasses

Your doctor may recommend you use specialized anti-glare glasses to reduce glare and eyestrain from your digital device. These glasses will help protect your eyes from harmful glare whenever you use them. Keep in mind that reading glasses don’t protect your eyes from this glare.

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Also, a good diet that contains plenty of vitamin C, vitamin A, Zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids improve eye vision and the performance of the nerves.

Never let an eye problem be a hindrance to your work or fun if you are a regular user of digital devices.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so take care of them!