Our lifestyle has become so hectic that it doesn’t allow us to live a healthy life. The temptation for fast food, lesser physical activities and stressful routine makes our body unhealthy from within. This has led to a major problem of obesity all around the globe. As per the studies, thighs and abdomen region exhibits maximum fat deposits. And, this is where importance of yoga comes into the scene. Yoga has proven beneficial and effective in weight-loss program over the ages.

So, here are few yoga poses for faster weight loss.

1. Butterfly Pose (AKA Baddha Konasana)

This yoga pose works well in toning your inner thighs. The asana helps to fortify your knees, lower back, abdomen and the spine. This pose also helps in tightening the muscles in the crotch area.

Method:Butterfly Pose

Sit on the floor or the yoga mat with your legs relaxed and stretched.
With your back straight, bend your knees with soles of your feet facing each.
Pull your legs as close as possible towards your pelvic girdle, using your hands. Make sure you don’t overstress yourself during this. Your flexibility will improve as you do this pose more often. Also, avoid doing this pose if you suffer from any kind of knee injury.

2. Bridge Pose (AKA Sethu Bandhasana)

This pose helps in the toning of your thighs and abs and also strengthening your shoulders. Since this pose also aids in lowering stress, it is very beneficial for heart patients.

Method:Butterfly Pose

Lie gently on your back, placing your feet flat and firm on the yoga mat.
Gently lift your torso upwards while exhaling, in such a manner that your head and neck lie straight on the floor with your feet at the same level.
Make sure that you don’t overstress your spine while doing this pose.

Avoid doing this pose if you ever suffered/suffer from any kind of back or neck ailments.

3. Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (AKA Ardha Matsyendrasana)

This pose aids in burning of fats and also helps in toning abdominal muscles, legs and thighs.

Method:Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

Sit erect on the floor and spread your legs straight out front of you, keeping the feet together.
Now gently turn your left leg and gently bring it near to the ride side of your hip.
Next, bring your right leg gently over your left knee. Now keep your left hand’s elbow on your right knee and look the opposite direction. Keep your right hand gently on the floor.
Maintain this posture for almost 30 seconds. Relax afterwards.

4. Crescent (AKA Anjaneyasana)

This posture helps in increasing the metabolism to burn calories. Also, it helps in toning the abs and hips.


Stand straight keeping your feet together and your arms at your either sides.
While inhaling, raise your arms.
Now, gently exhale and lean forward, brings your hands down to the ground. Inhale in this position.
Gently exhale and step your right leg backwards into a lunge.
Now raise your arms and inhale as you do this.
Maintain this posture for few seconds and return back to the normal position.
Repeat the same, using your left leg.

5. Forward Bending Pose (AKA Uttanasana)

This posture helps in stretching the hamstring. Also, it helps in exerting pressure up on the abdominal muscles.

Method:Forward Bending Pose

Stand erect and stretch out your arms from front towards the ceiling. Simultaneously, inhale slowly.
Then gently lean forward entirely till your forehead and your knees are in contact. Exhale slowly and retain your standing posture.
Include these yoga poses into your daily fitness routine and make the most out of it. Say hi to a new you and a new life!